BASSM | Our Program
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Our Program

BASSM is focused on personal transformation.

The Atmosphere

At BASSM our goal is to create an intimate environment that feels like family while making the presence of God our focus. Passion, purity, power and love of the presence of God are our main priority. These values define our atmosphere and are manifest in our worship, ministry and relationships with each other.


BASSM is a Holy Spirit-driven ministry school where students learn how to live in the Kingdom of God and extend its borders through a supernatural lifestyle. The school is diverse with participants ranging in age from 18 to 80 and many students who come have had years of educational, ministry or professional experience.  Some of Bethel Atlanta’s core values are identity, risk, honor and goodness of God. One way this happens is through the joining of generations together and teaching every age group to value and serve one another.


BASSM focuses on teaching, empowering, and activating radical believers to walk in the fullness of their destiny. We use the life of Jesus as a model for ministry: “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.” (John 14:12)  

BASSM has exceeded my every expectation in that I have been equipped to go to the next level. What had been my ceiling is now my floor. To say my life has been forever altered and changed would be an understatement.


BASSM Overview

Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry is a three-year program where students have the opportunity to pursue and discover their place in global revival. Our goal is to equip students to live vibrant lives, reigning in every part of life. We do this by encouraging students to step out in risk, putting the promises of God’s word into practice, as well as teaching personal development and a strong foundation in gifts of healing and the prophetic.


BASSM also allows for an amazing opportunity to learn from fellow students who come hungry for more of God’s presence and power. Students continually encourage one another, calling each other higher into all that God has planned for them, creating an environment of great courage and momentum.


Throughout the year, students have opportunities to connect, take risks, and grow through bi-monthy Small Groups and Outreaches, Revival Groups, and several Mission Trip opportunities. Students in each year also have monthly reading assignments and homework, supernatural outreach challenges, and Bible study goals. They will also receive live teaching from our staff pastors and many guest speakers from all over the world.


BASSM is an amazing opportunity to immerse all of your life in the fire of His presence with a company of people that are burning with the same passion. It is an investment into your intimate connection with your loving Father, and your place in worldwide revival. It is the cultivating of a supernatural family that, together, are equipped to arise, shine and give the world an encounter with the manifested presence of Jesus.

What to expect

Class schedule: Monday & Tuesday evenings from 6:00 – 9:30pm

BASSM has many powerful guest speakers throughout the year but the primary teaching is accomplished through our staff members. Students learn in an intimate environment on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm-9:30pm as well as outside of the classroom in small groups and outreaches. BASSM students learn how to reign in life through discovering their identity, practicing His presence, preaching The Kingdom, healing the sick, prophetic ministry and so much more.

Academic Life

BASSM emphasizes hands on training and experience along with academic understanding. This creates a “teach and do” culture where all of the students are expected to take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God.


The class hours are learning opportunities with the instructors but they are just a small part of the learning experience. The other hours consist of learning through homework, reading, attending services, serving on ministry teams, soaking & prayer times of personal devotion, living the supernatural lifestyle in an honorable way at work, and more.

Your Personal Transformation

  • Discover your identity in Christ.
  • Develop a deeper intimacy with God and other believers.
  • Learn and live out the values of the Kingdom of Heaven, with a solid biblical understanding.
  • Develop the gifts and learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to take the transformational culture of the Kingdom to the world.
  • Participate in advanced ministry training classes and small groups.
  • Release what you carry by participating in a mission trip. (not covered in tuition)


Worship is a core value of our culture at Bethel Atlanta and is a high priority at BASSM. Led by student worship teams, each week begins as staff and students gather for a corporate time of worshiping God.


Our student led worship teams are chosen through auditions at the beginning of the school year. Selected students are placed into one of several worship teams that take turns leading weekly worship.

Get Involved with Worship

There are many ways for students to get involved in worship even if they are not selected as part of the BASSM worship teams. We want our students to get involved and pursue ways outside of the school to use the gifts that God has blessed them with. Here are just a few options for worship opportunities at Bethel Atlanta Church:

1. Healing Rooms
2. Outreach
3. Life Groups
4. Missions/Traveling ministering teams

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.”

(John 14:12)


Discipline of Students
The freedom of the BASSM environment requires a high level of self-management. Any student struggling to make wise choices will receive quick and direct confrontation, which is designed to help draw out the greatness within the student.


Students in BASSM should feel free to date while attending. We have chosen to teach our students how to maintain healthy relationships and live in purity. Without extensive external restrictions in place, we empower our students to value discipleship, personal responsibility, and accountability. Small group interaction and a covenant community encourage honesty, transparency, and healthy confrontation.


Any student who wishes to withdraw from Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry must arrange an appointment with a BASSM pastor to discuss the reasons for withdrawing from the school.

School Calendar 2019-2020

Classes are held Monday and Tuesday from 6pm-9:30pm.

Orientation: September 8
1st Day of School: September 9
PCB: October 4 – October 6
Thanksgiving Break: November 25 – November 30
Christmas Break: December 22 – January 1
MLK Day Holiday: January 20
Last Day of School: April 21


Are you interested in visiting our school?
Contact our Senior Director: Blake Healy

Graduation Requirements

We love graduation! It’s a total joy to graduate together. To the BASSM staff graduation means “successfully completing the academic, attendance, financial, and spiritual tasks the staff asks of you and doing it with an honoring attitude.” Students who don’t complete all these tasks with honor, won’t graduate and receive a certificate of graduation. Furthermore, and this is key, to be considered for one of the spots in Second Year you must successfully graduate from First Year.

To be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion, students must meet the following criteria:


Students are expected to attend classes regularly and punctually. Students are allowed four unexcused absences and four excused absences a year. The excused absences are for emergencies and must be approved by a pastor. Exceptions to this policy will be made only for extreme circumstances.

School Assignments

Throughout the school year, students are given assignments to complete. These include weekly bible reading, book reports, and bible homework. Students eligible for graduation will have completed and turned in all homework assignments.

Tuition Payments

Students eligible for graduation will have been financially responsible to have paid all tuition fees in full.

Godly Character

Students eligible for graduation will have displayed godly character during the school year.