About - BASSM
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Who We Are

We are founded on the truth that God loves people and that He has given us power.

BASSM Mission

Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry is founded on the truth that God loves people, that he gave Himself for you and I and that He has given us power to bring individuals and nations into wholeness. Our passion is to help equip and create revivalists who can then carry out transformation in their God-given spheres of influence. Students are trained in the ministry style of Jesus: to live in the presence of God, say what He is saying, and do what he is doing.


The mission of BASSM is to equip, train and position revivalists who passionately pursue worldwide transformation in their God-given spheres of influence. Launched in 2008 with 60 students, the school emphasizes the need for believers to return to the ministry of signs and wonders—to minister in love, truth, and the power of God.

We Believe

God is in a good mood! Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (BASSM) is dedicated to the belief that God is in a good mood and has equipped His followers with the tools to demonstrate the goodness of His nature. BASSM focuses on the teaching and impartation of the following core values:


Empowering and releasing people to walk in their call with the knowledge of who / whose they are.


Stepping out in boldness and living a lifestyle of risk. Faith is spelled R-I-S-K; as we honor the Lord with simple steps of obedience.


Creating a culture of honor that allows blessing to flow.

Goodness of God

Demonstrating the goodness of God through:

Prophecy – seeing the value in each person and calling it forth.

Kingdom Expansion – Outreach in the community

Healing – “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.” Matthew 10:8. 

Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry

The mission of BASSM is to equip, train, and position revivalists to passionately pursue worldwide transformation in their God-given spheres of influence.

We Are About Revival

The personal, regional, and global expansion of God’s kingdom through His manifest presence.

We are a community of believers who are passionate about the things of God:

Relationship with God
Our number one priority is our personal relationship with God. Our first ministry is to God with extravagant joy and gratitude.


Freedom through Salvation
Salvation frees us from the power of the devil – sin, lies, sickness and torment.


Supernatural Ministry
Every believer is a supernatural minister of the gospel of power. All ministry flows from the prayer “Thy kingdom come… on earth as it is in heaven.” We equip and send the church to carry on the signs and wonders that followed Jesus.

Impact through Love & Power
Serving a city, not just a church, we demonstrate God’s grace and His unconditional love and transforming power. We are not only building a church but building a kingdom way of life by serving our community and impacting multiple spheres.


A Glorious Bride
Christ is returning for a glorious overcoming bride – His Church. We are sons and daughters of the King, more than “sinners saved by grace.” We aim to fulfill the Great Commission and steward revival to the next generation. We embrace the biblical government of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

Bethel Atlanta Church

Bethel Atlanta’s mission is to create a vibrant family of hope-filled believers who deeply experience the love and presence of God and partner with Jesus 
to express the joy and power of His kingdom in every area of life.

Our Staff

Meet our wonderful staff at BASSM!

Steve & Lindy Hale

Senior Leaders

Blake & April Healy

Senior Team

Brent & Lauren Brownlee

Senior Team

Blake Healy

Senior Director

Jenn Stockman

1st Year Director

Jon Cole

1st Year Pastor

Melissa Crilly

1st Year Pastor

Bob Duncan

1st Year Pastor

Derek Ermatinger

1st Year Pastor

April Healy

1st Year Pastor

Rachel Koontz

1st Year Pastor

Joseph Parkman

1st Year Pastor

Meredith Thomas

1st Year Pastor

Lindy Hale

2nd Year Director

Scott Cool

2nd Year Pastor

Kimberly Edwards

2nd Year Pastor

Abigail Holt-Jennings

2nd Year Pastor

Mary Marcengill

2nd Year Pastor

Randy Roddy

2nd Year Pastor

Luis Velasquez

2nd Year Pastor

Neva Velasquez

2nd Year Pastor

Dan Weber

3rd Year Director

Zack Aten

3rd Year Pastor

Katie Hale

3rd Year Pastor

Matthew Hale

3rd Year Pastor

Shayla Raymond

3rd Year Pastor

Quin Weber

3rd Year Pastor

Joseph Parkman

Outreach Coordinator

Zaina Allen

Worship Coordinator