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Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry

Tyrone, Georgia

Vision for our 2020-2021 Year

Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (BASSM) is founded on the truth that God loves people, that he gave Himself for you and I and that He has given us power to bring individuals and nations into wholeness. Students are trained in the ministry style of Jesus: to live in the presence of God, say what He is saying, and do what he is doing.

This year, we have decided not to hold classes for 2020-2021 school year. Instead, we are taking the year to reimagine our school and we are excited for the new strategies and improvements that will benefit future BASSM students.

This decision was not made in response to fear surrounding COVID-19, but in a desire to make the best choice not only for our current and future students, but for the future direction of BASSM as a whole. Instead of classes this year, we will be offering three-weekend intensives throughout the year focusing on Revival, Reformation and Renaissance. These two-day events will be a vertical slice of what our school offers and give both BASSM alumni and prospective students a taste of the transformational impact BASSM has on individuals.

2020-21 BASSM Intensives

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Intensive #1: Revival
November:13 &14
Coming Soon
Intensive #2: Reformation
January 15-16
Coming Soon
Intensive #3: Renaissance
March 26-27 (tentative)

"The school has been an amazing experience. I have learned a lot about my identity in Christ and seen freedom in many areas of my life. BASSM has built a family around the presence of God and the love I encounter here is so transformative and freeing."


"BASSM has been the intervention I didn’t know I needed. The Lord used Bethel to turn this timid, powerless high school graduate into a world changer. Where I was afraid, I now have victory and the tools to take whatever I’ve been through and turn it into breakthrough for everyone I encounter."


"BASSM has exceeded my every expectation in that I have been equipped to go to the next level. What had been my ceiling is now my floor. To say my life has been forever altered and changed would be an understatement."


"While at BASSM, I learned that I am powerful! My leaders saw my potential and began to break down my walls and brought me a lot of healing. Now, I get to walk completely assured in my identity."


"BASSM has changed my whole world. The community here has really made me come awake to what loving people really means. I have been activated in things I never thought I could ever do well; healing, prophecy and boldness. I’ve never had a group of people believe in me as much as the leaders here have."


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